• Blackjack Your Way to Victory!

    Blackjack is an exciting casino card game, wherein your objective is to win by having a sum of 21 in your hand. In casino terms, a hand refers to your held cards. Determining the value of your hand is simple. Numbered cards or those who have actually numbers on them take their original value. Except for an ace, this could be either one or eleven. When an ace is counted as one your hand is said to be "soft." Otherwise, if it is eleven your hand is referred as "hard." If possible avoid of being "busted." In blackjack terms, a bust refers to your hand reaching a value of over 21.

    So for example, you get an Ace of Spades and an Ace of Diamonds for your initial two cards. The value could be any of the following: two, twelve or twenty-two. Having a value of two is too far from twenty-one and the same also with twelve. Definitely, no blackjack player would declare his hand as busted; (11 + 11 = 22, which is over twenty-one, isn't it?) So it is advisable to ask for another card, and pray that it is less than or equal to nine.

    If you get a nine regardless of suite, you win that blackjack round. (1 + 11 + 9 = 21). However, if you get an eight or below then the dealer should be busted or lower than your summed up values in order for you to win.

    Maybe by now you are wondering if it is possible to have a tie. The answer is yes! Furthermore, in most blackjack games it is referred as a "push." As a follow up maybe to your inquiry, what will happen next? It will depend on the casino's implementing rules. Your bet could be given back to you and start a new blackjack game. Or you have to place a new bet and you will a one-on-one blackjack game with the dealer.

    How much to bet? In blackjack a bet referring to the act of placing a chip or money is sometimes called a "wager." So again, how much to wager in a blackjack game? Once more, it depends on the casino's implementing rules. A casino determines their "betting limits". A betting limit as defined by most gambling dictionaries refers to the standards or ranges (minimum - maximum bet) on how much a player could place on a game or table.

    For example, in a blackjack table, the minimum bet is a dollar and the maximum is a hundred; a player could not wager any amount below the minimum or above the maximum.

    Having heard all about this why not blackjack your way to victory!