• Blackjack Tips to Help Out Players

    Blackjack is one of the really popular games in a casino. It is simple and fun to play. These are two very attractive reasons why blackjack is popular even online. We have gathered a few fundamental tips for blackjack players to help them out with their game.

    First tip is if ever you have a hand that totals to 20 (a pair of Tens for example, or any face card), remember not to split them. It will be very tempting to split when you see the dealer's card and you might have a good chance to win both hands. A really strong hand is a 20. Splitting up a blackjack hand that totals to 20 will double the risk of losing. Why not settle for a strong hand than risk losing both hands in a split?

    Let's move on to our next tip. It is absolutely mandatory to split a pair of Aces. You don't even have to look at the dealer's card to make a decision. That rule also goes for a pair of Eights as well.

    Here's the logic behind our blackjack tip. Splitting your two Aces may get you two blackjacks. This works a lot better if you're card counting too. With a pair of Eights in blackjack, you only get a 16. But if you split them you have a chance to get 18 on at least one of your hands.

    Our next tip concerns insurance. Insurance isn't really good for a blackjack player. The only possible way to make use of insurance is if you are indeed card counting. The odds are totally working against you once you bet on insurance. A lot of players don't even choose to take this blackjack bet.

    This is especially true for beginners. It is almost absolutely true that most novices will always take insurance in a game of blackjack.

    Here's our next tip. Don't ever lose hope if you always get a hand totaling 13 to 16 and the dealer has a Six or lower. The quick answer is to stay. The big reason behind this is that you can be pretty sure that the blackjack dealer is going to bust.

    Here's our next blackjack tip for you. If your dealer has a Ten card, remember to always hit until you get at least a 17 or even higher. If you stay on a total that is less than 17, chances are you're going to lose.

    These are our blackjack tips to help you out with your game. These very well apply to all players, not only novices. We know that by applying these tips, you'll win more and have more fun games of blackjack.