• What is Atlantic City Blackjack?

    Most of us think that blackjack is blackjack wherever you go. Casinos do have the right to make some changes in the house rules and sometimes in the rules of the game of blackjack as well (that may also very well depend on the Gaming Commission). Casinos may allow certain rules like early or late surrender, and at times these casinos might not allow it so we better check the house rules first. Remember to do the same when playing Atlantic City Blackjack.

    Atlantic City Blackjack is blackjack indeed, where you'll find some tweaks made to the rules of the game. Its called Atlantic City Blackjack simply because the specific modified rules used were first played in Atlantic City. You can expect that most of the regular rules of our standard blackjack game applies in Atlantic City Blackjack.

    We'll go through the rules that are used in Atlantic City Blackjack and check out if they match the standard rules of our regular game. Let's begin with the first steps in playing Atlantic City Blackjack. As a side note, the dealer in Atlantic City Blackjack stands on all 17.

    Like regular blackjack, you begin a round by placing your bet and the dealer deals you one card and the dealer gets two cards. In Atlantic City Blackjack one of the dealer's cards will be face up and the other will be face down, just like in regular blackjack. After the dealer deals a second card to himself then the dealer will deal you a second card. The second card dealt to you is called a "hit". Don't confuse this with the blackjack move.

    Atlantic City Blackjack is usually played using eight standard decks. The cards will be shuffled after a game is over. Regular blackjack rules apply like a hand busts if it goes over a value of 21 or a getting a blackjack automatically wins.

    You can be sure that all the casinos in Atlantic City use the same rules with the exception when the Gaming Commission grants a special permission to do otherwise. The rules of Atlantic City Blackjack includes splitting up to three times, which means you have the opportunity to make four hands.

    Another rule in Atlantic City Blackjack is that if you split an Ace you only get one card each for the new hands and cannot be split a second time. Double downs after a split are allowed in Atlantic City Blackjack. But if you have a blackjack you are not allowed to double down. Talking about insurance, it does not cover new hands made due to a split or double down and is paid at two to one.

    These are the rules of Atlantic City Blackjack. Be sure to read the house rules before you go off playing blackjack wherever you may fancy.