• Some Blackjack Terms in Casinos

    There's some kind of a blackjack culture in casinos. Like other casino gambling games, blackjack has its own lingo. Part of being a blackjack player is knowing and using its casino parlance.

    "Action" is the total amount one would bet in blackjack sessions. For instance, 12 bets of $15 each makes a $180 action. A $200 of action would make 10 bets of $20 each in blackjack And so forth.

    A "burn card" in blackjack is the first card on top of the deck of cards. This card is taken away from the deck and tossed across the blackjack table to the discard tray. The dealer may or may not choose to show the face of the card. If the card is faced down, blackjack card counting among the players is made one point improbable. Such card is "burned" each time the blackjack dealer finishes shuffling the cards.

    "Basic strategy" is the smart way of playing prolonged blackjack by players, regarding their cards and the dealer's face-up card, and making a wise decision based on this. When the basic strategy is pulling off, the player remains in the game a long time for more blackjack wins.

    A "cut card" is a special card handed by the dealer to a blackjack player for cutting the deck of cards after the dealer shuffles them. The cut card is often a plastic card. The blackjack dealer gives it to a player who inserts it somewhere in the middle of the deck of cards. The dealer then splits the deck from where the cut card was inserted.

    A "hole card" in blackjack is any card that is facing down. Players, when dealt with cards, receive the cards as hole cards, meaning, the cards are faced down. But generally, the term hole card is often applied to the faced down card of the dealer, while the other card is facing up.

    A "shoe" in blackjack is a device where the dealer places the decks. A shoe can hold as much as 8 decks of blackjack cards. From the shoe, a dealer can easily deal cards to the players.

    A "hard hand" in blackjack is when aces are treated as 1 instead of 11---or when there are no aces at all. So, when the hand has an ace, a ten and a nine---and the ace is treated as a 1 to avoid busting---it's a hard 20.

    Learning the basic terms used in blackjack in casinos will help in better understanding the gambling game.